Coil Con 2012, my first con ever of any type

I had never been to a con before. That may hurt my nerd cred a little but it was largely due to the fact that I grew up in backwoods Kentucky, and then moved to Alaska. There are no cons in Alaska, I could however go to  a glacier 5 minutes from my house, so I prefer to like at the blessings i am given rather than the ones I don’t have.  I recently moved so I had the opportunity to go to Coil Con, a G.I.Joe themed con in Kokomo Indiana.  For those of you who don’t the Coil are a sub group of cobra. In the old school cartoon they were a group loyal to CC after the rise of his replacement Serpentor, but most are familiar with them as the comic company Devils Due Publishing used them, as Serpentor’s personal army. Serpentor himself was created to be a leader, and warrior by a bunch of snake loving people, talk about a living idol! (But that’s an article for another time.)  Below are a few pics I managed to grab on my cell phone.

This costume was used in the fan film G.I.Joe initiate.

I should put out that this helmet was made by Pit vipers studios and that you can watch Fred (this viper) in G.I.Joe Initiate on youtube.

There was some debate as to whether or not this was the real Sgt. Slaughter

A father and his kid in some excellent home made costumes.

A father and his kid in some excellent home made costumes.

Here we can see Helmets for Destro, a classic Alley-viper, and the often mocked Cobra-La Royal Gaurd from the original animated G.I.Joe movie. Personally i would pick the Cobra La gaurd and even Cobra La over Rise Cobra.

A fan made S.N.A.K.E. armor from Classic G.I.Joe.

Even being as nerdy as I am this was a bit nerve racking. I knew no one, but very thankfully meet some great people including Joe Celebrities like Robert Atkins (whom I got a nice Commando Snake-Eyes signed print from) Gyre-viper, noted author James Kavanaugh Jr.  and some of the cast of What’s on Joe Mind (Mike and Gary, and little did I know Greg was there too.) I snagged some good nerd swag from Kokomo toys and the booths outside. Thanks to an ambulance on the sign found a great excuse to make small talk with strangers. I ended up making friends with fellow Christian Joe fans, awesome how the Holy Spirit draws it’s own together.

Now that I am no longer a con virgin, I have to do this again, next time maybe with a Nerd4TheLord t-shirt to promote this place.  If you find yourself going to a con as a newbie, be friendly, and start small talk. (oh and the guy who left the ambulance is OK as far as I know.)


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