Time Changer Movie review

Time Travel is usually blurry isn’t it?

A Christian Sci-fi Time Travel movie? Awesome. Right from the get go this is everything a Christian Nerd could love. So often it seems like sci-fi exists in an entirely different place than religion, or at least any of the real world religions, especially Christianity. here is a movie made by Christians, and for Christians with a wonderful time traveling sci-fi plot. There will be minor spoilers below, but nothing that should impede your enjoyment of the movie.

The movie begins in America’s past as Russell Carlisle, a Seminary professor, attempts to do good by reaching out to the non-Christians and teaching the manners and morals from the bible, in hopes that could lead to them accepting Christ, and if they don’t they will at least be civilized.  He presents his idea to a board of his peers, and is clear that he would be teaching morals without the gospel. Most of his colleges feel this a fine endeavor but one of them is a stubborn old goat who not only refuses to consent but wants Carlisle to come to his home.

Once at Professor Norris’s home, Carlisle discovers a bizarre contraption in his basement. It is never convincingly explained why the man’s late father needed to experiment and build a time machine, or how he did it. Maybe he did it to hear Christ’s teachings in person for himself? Instantly that’s would I would think of, or to confront “Christian” leaders during the crusades? No that would be a quick and futile maryters death wouldn’t it? I can imagine some Assassin’s Creeds fan thinking of him going back in time as part of a convoluted Templar plot. All those neat possibilities aside, this movie focuses on an important lesson instead of the details of the time machine and time travel himself.

Our protagonist finds himself hurled into our time, face to face with contemporary, materialistic, self focused America. The man is in shock. Ultimately he learns the idea of morality apart from religion helped cause the moral decay which resulted in the America he was now experiencing. Morality with Christ as it’s spiritual grounding veered off into relativism, where nothing was certain and became increasingly warped by non Christian ideas. Along the way the audience has fun seeing his shock at what we feel are clean movies, church group activities etc.  He appears very much like an Amish man who wondered into the city to start life anew.   The way he exits and returns to his own time is ingenious. Two suspicious church goers serve as antagonists  and it scares them straight. I can’t say I approve of what he says when he returns to his own time, but that may be to much of a spoiler to discuss. The final sequence of the film is the best and gives us a reason to hope.

The director is Rich Christiano, a celebrated Christian Film maker who also made Unidentified that I will be reviewing soon.  The actors are mostly up to pare but a few females in the movie seem like they are reading their lines, but none are main characters, and it is less noticeable as it can be excused as being confused at Carlisle’s strange behavior.  According to Box Office Prophets, this movie is the third in a trilogy, but you’d never know it. I am only moderately familiar with the books it is said to be based on, and can’t recommend them to you, this movie however is an easy recommendation.

No Nudity
No Cussing
No Violence
and a Clear presentation of the Gospel.

check out at IMBD for more information and you can see it,buy it, or read more reviews via Netflix or Amazon. (and I’m sure other places) Sadly it is not currently on the Instant Que.


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