Unidentified Review

Unidentified is a movie that says everything I ever wanted to say about UFOs.

Unidentified is another Christian film from Christian director Rich Christiano. I have already reviewed his work on Time Changers, and I plan on keeping an eye out for anything else he does in the future.

Aliens and UFOs have often been a key interest to folks that have been called nerds. Nerds have enjoyed the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Star Gate franchises, and more. We enjoy seeing diversity in species and culture. Nerds have also enjoyed E.T. X-files and more that interact with a real world setting. Some are convinced that Aliens are real and do indeed visit us. There are many who claim to be abduction victims, some just claim to have seen flying saucers, what does this all mean to the Christian?

I don’t think every eye-witness to UFO phenomena is crazy. Rich Christiano doesn’t appear to either. His main characters are journalists named Keith and Brad are assigned to investigate a UFO sighting claim. The magazine they work for is noted for covering all sides of the issue and letting the readers decide. The two main reports quickly have differing opinions, and one of them is a believer in Christ (Keith), and the other a doubter (Brad) this will increasingly affect their behavior and views throughout the film.

Upon arriving at the town the two reports encounter two old men that remind me of Statler and Waldorf of the muppets, grumpy and mocking. From there they are pointed to the witnesses and eventually even encounter someone from the government as they try to get to the bottom of what really happened.

yes, these guys are totally in the movie… kinda

The movie has a clear presentation of the gospel and some tense faith based moments. The real impact for Christ here, (and the one who speaks for the director) is from Darren. He not only provides the clear presentation of the gospel, but it’s him who nails everything that needs to be said about UFOs. They are a great trap of Satan to get people interested in mystery and something bigger than themselves, without letting them believe in God. It is a trap many of fallen for, and many continue too. The search for life on other planets has become a religion in itself.

The actor was good for most of the movie, the news boss felt a little a stiff, as did the singer Rebecca St. James. Overall the direction was great, but it never felt better than at the beginning as the shots changed in such great unity before the “UFO.”

The biggest struggle I have with recommending this movie is the ending. I can’t spoil it but I can say I really don’t approve, and I think it’s poor of the Christian characters involved. They had a shot at a really amazing ending, but seemed to chicken out at the last second. That said I do recommend, just with the reservation you realize what they did at the end was not something to repeat, even if they had good intentions.

Find out more about the movie or see it for yourselves via IMDB, Netflix (sadly not on the instant Que at the time of writing) , or Amazon.


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