Jonathon Acuff uses G.I.Joes to explain Bible versions

Stuff Christians like Author, Jonathon Acuff is a well known Christian blogger. He isn’t as nerdy as me, but occasionally he does dip into the nerd area of life. Long ago he wrote an article about the numerous English Bible translations and he used G.I.Joe as a comparison to explain their characteristics. It’s worth a read, so check it out here.

Some of the user comments are also amazing. He has some dedicated and nerdy followers. Some so knowledge of Joe and some creativity.

My fav comments are.

“Book of Mormon – Dr. Mindbender

Wikipedia – “Dr. Mindbender is a master of mind control and interrogation but his expertise does not stop there as he also has specialties in genetics, cloning and some cybernetics. The Dr. Mindbender toy was clothed in purple pants and leather metal-studded suspenders.”

‘Genetics and Cloning”, maybe that is where all of those kids come from?”

(Perhaps that one will rile up all the non-existent Mormon readers I have)

“KJV = Optimus Prime.
Just imagine his voice narrating the KJV, or any version of the bible for that matter.
” In the beginnig was the Word…”.

and the slightly off topic,
“Old Man: What’cha readin’ there?
Friend: It’s a Hebrew Bible.
Old Man: (disapproving look) Humph. Well, King James was good enough for Paul, it’s good enough for me.
Friend: …ooookay”

His regular blog is also worth a read, and if your into reading actual book form, he has a printed version. I own it and while I don’t always agree with him 100% (and I can’t think of anyone who I do agree with 100%) It’s a fun read, it’s a way to support a Christian Author, it’s more edifying that most brain candy (my word for fun books) and I always feel great when bussiness see Christianity can sell things, because it lets the lost in those industries know we are still here!

Credit for this story goes to: Matthew from from Army4one

What would the Cobra Commander’s version be?


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