DC’s Muslim Green Lantern Update.

He is now going to be representing the good old U.S.A. of in Justice League of America. (Credit to Comic Book Resources) Normally home to a more prominent Lantern, as well as DC super stars Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Aqua-man, this new crew is an odd assortment. Maybe this is more that a publicity stunt after all?

The new Muslim Lantern

Read the original article here. It is one of my most read articles, and I’m pretty blunt about how I feel.  As neat as a superhero having an active faith is, and seeing how he would resolve the inner conflict aliens would present to his beliefs, I also can’t help but wonder why Islam? How much will the gloss over the violence prescribed the Koran? Why give him a gun?  (that last one at least seems to be because he has a weakened ring) Why make him a former criminal ? etc.


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