Hollywood (and Will Smith) Think vampires are in the bible.

According to Cinema Blend Will Smith is planning on directing n a movie with a biblical based story Titled The Redemption of Cain, apparently the story will somehow involves vampires.

Thanks to the popular, and popular to hate, Twilight movies, vampires are popular at the moment, and vague religious movies such as the book of Eli, the blind side, and directly religious movies like Mel Gibson’s Passion and the Christian movie industry are making plenty of money. So perhaps Hollywood is hoping to combine the two? Perhaps they are continuing a long standing tradition of the supernatural drawing on real world religions?  I’m not sure what they are thinking, but I think it’s worth pointing the complete lack of vampires in the Cain and Able story.

The story of Cain and his brother Able are found in Genesis chapter 4.  They were the first sons of Adam and Eve outside of the garden. Each brought a sacrifice to the Lord, Abel brought what would become the traditional animal sacrifice, and Cain brought fruit.  Cain’s was rejected and rather than take this as a learning process, Cain got jealous. Abel was smart enough to give God animal life, that he had no control over, that was closer to mankind etc. I’ll avoid getting side tracked and the interesting discussion about why Abel made the right choice, the problem here was that Cain could have learned to make that choice too, instead he choice to be jealous and slew his brother. Cain was the first murder in all of history.

Cain is about to take out Abel here, in this image from the Brick Testament.

God quickly addressed Cain but did so in a way to give Cain and opportunity to confess. “Cain where is your brother?” (verse 9)  Cain uttered famous words in response, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

God punished the murderer and the results of his judgement were a curse upon Kain. Strangely there is some debate over this curse, although the bible clearly records what it is (sorry Will Smith, it has nothing to do with vampires.) Some of tried to claim it involved changing the color of Cains, but this doesn’t make sense, (and is a not so subtle way to excuse racism.)  Yes because whatever it was? He and all is family are gone ! The following chapters in Genesis do trace different family lines, but according to Genesis 7, only family makes it out from the flood. Whatever sign Cain had was gone.

Chapter 4:11-12 record the actual curse. “Now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. 12 When you cultivate the ground, it will no longer yield its strength to you; you will be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth.” Cain wasn’t able to settle down anywhere and was always on the move, unproductive with any farming he might attempt. He would be forced to be a scavenger and a collector of wild berries and hunter of game to survive.  The sign, whatever it was, was not part of his curse but there is nothing to suggest he was a vampire.

(All Scripture Quotes from NASB)

(Click here to view The Brick Testament  . The Source of the pic above. There will be a dedicated post soon discussing the site.)


2 thoughts on “Hollywood (and Will Smith) Think vampires are in the bible.

  1. Interesting points all, but I’m not sure I agree. Personally, I think sacrificing fruit is more morally acceptable than sacrificing animals because animals are a higher life form, and a sacrifice involves killing. A good God shouldn’t want killing for his sake. So, I think there’s a little mystery there.

  2. While sacrificing animals may seen unpleasant, it looked forward to Christ’s sacrifice Animals are indeed more valuable, and more accurately stand in for Christ. The bible says that the wages of sin are death, this death also shows the consequences of rebellion. Animals being slain is a result of that rebellion, God to looks forward to a time when animals are no longer slain and live together in peace, just as they did in the garden of Eden.

    Siding with Cain seems dangerous, as what Cain should have done is learned, that an omnipotent being knows more about what is right than we do, and he should have submitted to that. Judging God, is a dangerous position, especially in judging his morals. It would be odd for a creature to Judge the creator on his creations, it’s putting the horse before the cart.

    Thanks for your comment, I don’t know your overall positions, so if I am misrepresenting what you are saying, feel free to discuss further.

    Also I clicked the link to your blog, and congrats on the book.

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