The Bible in Legos, what could go wrong?

The bible as illustrated by Lego’s. It sound like a great way to get your kids into the bible, or to give life to what you have read in a unique way. It is those things, but I also have some words of caution.  First let’s start with the positive.


The first I heard about the bible in Lego form, or The Brick Testament was via, Andy on Army4one and the neat image above. Instantly I dove in. Instantly it was obvious that the images had a humorous slant, and that it would be a great way to assist young readers in identifying biblical characters, as well  events. The author seems to agree as he has books available now. Lego’s are a wonderful creative toy for children, and something that hangs with us into adulthood due to it’s potential complexities.  A recent home made Lego Bat Cave made the rounds on the internet and is simply astonishing. Lego also is known for being light heated in it’s video game adaptions. It’s a safe all around family friendly toy, and makes for a great way to communicate and illustrate scripture.  A single shot here and there in a power point would get a smile, and the audience attention, or a child seeking to recreate it.

Cain is about to take out Abel here, in this image from the Brick Testament.

Cain is about to take out Abel here, in this image from the Brick Testament.

There are however some concerns that keep me from fully recommending the website. With any image driven version of the the gospels story there is danger of elements the artist had to add in to flesh out a scene, or matters of artist interpretation.  I will never forgot a Pastor friend who for years thought that Acts 9 contained a horse because of an image in the Good News Bible he had received as a lost drug addicted hippie. Long after his salvation, and call to a pastor, he was discussing the passage he had read many times when someone else had to point out the lack of horse ! The caution here is to get your bible knowledge, from the bible! Everything else, including visual interpretations are supplements, and can reinforce you knowledge, but must be carefully examined.

Beyond a basic warning the site’s humorous slant can easily cause confusion and occasionally has a blatantly incorrect interpretation of the passage. The passage on Women comes to mind.  The issue is not if women can talk at all, but most agree it’s if they can teach, and many argue that this was referring to women in that specific region because of pagan practices that they just were born from.

Beyond that, I was curious about the author of the article, and did some digging on the author known as “the reverend.” By digging, i don’t really mean hard investigating journalism, i simply clicked links on his own page. I found a comic he published called the Second Coming, which includes “God’s brother Jake”  Sure makes me question his intentions with the Lego version of the bible.  To arrive at this site via the original Lego site, I just had to follow his own hyper linked name and copyright at the bottom of the page, and check out his other material.

So ultimately I’d say this site is good for a some smiles, and possibly illustrations, but be aware of where it is coming from, and if you use it as a tool to reach kids, or adult Lego fans, be extra careful to point them back to the true account in the bible.

I’d like to add that this article has been a real challenge to write. Before I dig into the origin of the images it was one of the sites i had in mind to point on Nerd 4 the Lord right away. I have started multiple times only to delete it. I had so many questions during the process of coming to the conclusions i did above, as well as after. Should I even publish this?  Will people ignore my comments of warning and see it only as acceptance? Will my comments of warning be viewed as judgmental?   Ultimately I felt, going in with knowledge is the best way. There is enjoyment there,  but with caution we can all keep bias in mind.


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