Cobra’s scrap Iron as a false minister


In G.I.Joe renegades episode 3 Tunnel Rat encounters a minister on the streets while separated from the Renegades Joe team. He is leery of trusting the man who is offering free coffee on the streets, and has already been shown to have a special interest in veterans.  Tunnel Rat reluctantly accepts an offer of coffee, but warns him not to try and convert him. We learn through out the show, as well as an interview the voice actor on the podcast What’s on Joe Mind, that Tunnel Rat is a Jewish Asian from Brooklyn.  He is leery of the Christian ministries intent, but it sadly for his soul, or to a simple act of care for his body. After a dose of coffee from that minister, he feels woozy and soon awakens strapped into an experimental, rage/adrenaline powered weapon designed by Destro.

The Title of the article already gave  who the “minister” was, it was Destro’s employee, Scrap Iron.

The Renegades Looks is more realistic, but like other characters, he also changes as the story progresses.

The Renegades Looks is more realistic, but like other characters, he also changes as the story progresses.

These wolfs are real

Jesus himself warns of false teachers saying, “ “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15 NASB)  Wolves not only devour the current sheep (or believers), but like in the case of Scrap Iron harm any animal (or person) that they can use to on the path towards their selfish goals. It could be greed or loyalty to something false or crooked (like Destro) or simply for prestige or power.

How can you detect one?

First up, I should point out that it takes time. Jesus points out that we are to know real believers by their fruit (or actions), immediately after warning of the false prophets.  Fruit takes time to grow, an any person will eventually reveal their true nature. The best and simplest answer is to study. Acts 17:11 encourages all to be “Bereans” or to study the bible ourselves and check it with what we hear, like those from Berea did. The more we do so the more we can spot incorrect doctrine, or actions that do not line up with God’s word.  If more people were Bereans, I firmly believe their would be fewer Televangelists.  Another wonderful thing about this challenge is that the Bereans were Jews who studied before accepting Christ, if you’ve heard some crazy things about the bible, why not read it .yourself? If you do not you are accepting by faith what somebody says, and everyone has an agenda.

Tunnel Rat did not have a lot of cues to pick up on, but the team did notice someone upset with him earlier, while not always a sign, as Christians can make enemies simply by attempting to minister, it might have made Tunnel Rat more cautious. He was not above repoach (or was someone had something against him), which would violate the guidelines for a minister found in 1 Timothy 3.

for more on Wolfs in sheeps clothing check out What Christians Want to Know.

Study is a vital part of your life,  that’s the priority, but when you do enjoy some downtime (and that’s good too) check out G.I.Joe Renegades on Netflix.  Some argue it’s better than the original series, if you can get past the Joes on the run concept, you will find characters that grow and change, great nods to classic Joe, and a cartoon that is far superior to most that hit the air these days.

For more info joe characters check out
Yo Joe or 3D Joes for an alternate take on viewing the figures that inspire the shows.



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