College Humor proposes that Religious People are nerds

coollogo_com-234404893The folks at College propose that Religious People are a type of Nerd.  You can see their case HERE. I should warn you though, there may be language etc.

As always with cases like this, They make good and humorous points, but fail to see the difference in fictional philosophy and something that makes an appeal to be factual. However I think the similarities they point out reflect a desire each of individual holds to search for God. His laws are written in hearts after all (Romans 2:15) and the world around us points to God’s exists (Romans 1, Luke 19:40)   There are also notable similarities in that Christians are people of the book, while  Nerds are people of books. Yes today that may also be games or shows, but it was the books that the first nerds loved, reading, gaining knowledge and flexing our brains. Christians do the same, only it’s more productive and fruitful due to the claim to reality, but the activities are similar and there are Christian Nerds for a reason.

-servant Sears


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