You are a bridge, are you being usable ?

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You are a bridge. You may wonder why I’m declaring that, or you may shrug your shoulders and think,  “I’ve been called worse.” Regardless of your response to the idea, the truth remains the same. Paul used a different way to illustrate the same point. He told the Corinthians:

To the Jews I became as a Jew, so that I might win Jews; to those who are under the Law, as under the Law though not being myself under the Law, so that I might win those who are under the Law;” 1 Cor 9:20

Every single Christian is commanded to reach out to those around him. It’s easier for us to reach out to folks that our like minded. At the risk of stretching this metaphor a bit early, sometimes you may need to access certain parts of yourselves, or modify the bridge just a bit, but never compromise it, err, or simply poor Character (Shoddy craftsmanship) can result in a collapse.

As Christians we know the way to Christ. Bobby Conway (the One Minute Apologist) recently wrote a book about us being “the fifth gospel” (and it is entitled that) and similarly I like to think of us a bridge. I know that I am in a somewhat nerdy community of friends. I provide a bridge for them to learn the truth.  If I were to exclude myself from all non Christian friendships I would cut off access, at least one access, they had to learning about God.

Yes there are times I go out of my way and evangelize folks who don’t dress like me, look like me, or have the same hobbies, but the influence I can have within my hobbies and circle of friends is usually much more than I can with a stranger. This is not an either or type situation. What this is, is simple encouragement. I’m a nerd, I podcast, I do youtube reviews, I have attended a few conventions, and every step of the way I continue to be a Christian. This has lead to many opportunities to pray with folks, answer questions, share a meal with them, counsel them. I joke with my wife that I am a chaplain to the nerds, and while part humor, I take it seriously.

Take it a step further, don’t just realize your a bridge, but be active for it and look for conversational bridges or opportunities that can lead to a conversation about Christ. Nerdy folks are my people, and I intend not to falsely friend them for  attempt at a number, but out of genuine friendship and love, point them to Christ, praying for and looking for opportunities. Are you doing that in whatever hobby or circle you are in? even just a workplace? You may be the only bridge, the only exit they have access too, out of the worldly norm and towards a Savior seeking to restore them to Himself and to their fellow man.

Are you using where you are, and who you are as way to reach others for Christ?

BRIDGEtfP.S. keep in mind a bridge may not always look traditional.

Bonus points to those of you who know what

<    this is


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