God, Mathematics and Creation


We know that when God created the world, he didn’t just do it arbitrarily.  He imposed it with order, law and organization.  More specifically, he did so through the laws of mathematics and physics that we see governing the operation of the cosmos today.  The following is a quote from an article I read which I think beautifully describes this and encompasses the idea.

One example that comes to mind occurs within
the teaching of electromagnetics when Maxwell’s
equations are presented. Why is it that Maxwell’s
set of four integro-differential equations describe
all electromagnetic phenomena and predict so many
practical applications which we make use of today
such as the propagation of radio waves? Is this
mere coincidence or is there a God who wants to
communicate to us that He is a God of order and
beauty? No one who understands Maxwell’s equations
can look at them without seeing the symmetry and simple
beauty that they describe. As believers, we don’t just see
equations. For us it’s as if the one
Eternal Omnipotent Creator who told the winds and
the waves to be still declared that, “For all time and
in all places in the universe,

(1) ∇ · B = 0,

(2) ∇ · D = ρ,

(3) ∇× E = −∂ B/∂t,


(4) ∇× H = J +∂ D/∂t,

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