The aim of this website is to provide thoughtfully written, easily understood, information regarding world view, philosophy, modern culture, ethics issue from a Christian Apologetics background, with an extra level of accessibility for the modern and popular nerd/geek and tech friendly culture.

About the Authors:

picforciaSam: Hope filled Christian and Hopelessly nerdy. Sam is currently in pursuit of an M.A in Apologetics from Luther Rice Seminary and University, holds a B.A. of Christian Service from Clear Creek Bible College, trained at Cross Examiners Instructor’s Academy in 2015 under Frank Turek, J.Warner Wallace, and the crew from Stand to reason, and has practical ministry experience for over 12 years in youth, children, prison, nursing home, evangelism, assistant pastoring, church planting, and additional ministry work with transitioning  criminal offenders.  He founded and owns Nerdrahtio.com which is a successful and growing podcast,video, and blog for nerd culture.  He currently spends his days being a stay at home Dad to his son, and his nights ministering and pursing his degree.

Arlyn: Musician, teacher and Church planter, Arlyn has years of personal experience that easily dwarfs Sam’s. Arlyn has served in numerous positions which include prison ministry, worship leader, and sr. Pastor. He is bi-vocational bringing with his ministry a practical experience gained from the work place, and fathering his kids. Arlyn is an accomplished blogger whose heart belongs to God, his kids, music the lost.  He is currently preparing for a new church plant and would appreciate your prayers in this latest ministry endeavor.


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