Did you know the original Green Ranger is a Christian?

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“Go, Go, Green Ranger!”

He was instantly a hit when added to the show, he wasn’t planned to be a main cast member and was supposed to be out of the series after his original mini-series but he was a huge hit.

His personal life after the show lead him through hardship and that ultimately lead him to Christ. He is currently an MMA fighter and Christian/MMA clothes designer. You can read more about him HERE.


Cobra’s scrap Iron as a false minister


In G.I.Joe renegades episode 3 Tunnel Rat encounters a minister on the streets while separated from the Renegades Joe team. He is leery of trusting the man who is offering free coffee on the streets, and has already been shown to have a special interest in veterans.  Tunnel Rat reluctantly accepts an offer of coffee, but warns him not to try and convert him. We learn through out the show, as well as an interview the voice actor on the podcast What’s on Joe Mind, that Tunnel Rat is a Jewish Asian from Brooklyn.  He is leery of the Christian ministries intent, but it sadly for his soul, or to a simple act of care for his body. After a dose of coffee from that minister, he feels woozy and soon awakens strapped into an experimental, rage/adrenaline powered weapon designed by Destro.

The Title of the article already gave  who the “minister” was, it was Destro’s employee, Scrap Iron.

The Renegades Looks is more realistic, but like other characters, he also changes as the story progresses.

The Renegades Looks is more realistic, but like other characters, he also changes as the story progresses.

These wolfs are real

Jesus himself warns of false teachers saying, “ “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15 NASB)  Wolves not only devour the current sheep (or believers), but like in the case of Scrap Iron harm any animal (or person) that they can use to on the path towards their selfish goals. It could be greed or loyalty to something false or crooked (like Destro) or simply for prestige or power.

How can you detect one?

First up, I should point out that it takes time. Jesus points out that we are to know real believers by their fruit (or actions), immediately after warning of the false prophets.  Fruit takes time to grow, an any person will eventually reveal their true nature. The best and simplest answer is to study. Acts 17:11 encourages all to be “Bereans” or to study the bible ourselves and check it with what we hear, like those from Berea did. The more we do so the more we can spot incorrect doctrine, or actions that do not line up with God’s word.  If more people were Bereans, I firmly believe their would be fewer Televangelists.  Another wonderful thing about this challenge is that the Bereans were Jews who studied before accepting Christ, if you’ve heard some crazy things about the bible, why not read it .yourself? If you do not you are accepting by faith what somebody says, and everyone has an agenda.

Tunnel Rat did not have a lot of cues to pick up on, but the team did notice someone upset with him earlier, while not always a sign, as Christians can make enemies simply by attempting to minister, it might have made Tunnel Rat more cautious. He was not above repoach (or was someone had something against him), which would violate the guidelines for a minister found in 1 Timothy 3.

for more on Wolfs in sheeps clothing check out What Christians Want to Know.

Study is a vital part of your life,  that’s the priority, but when you do enjoy some downtime (and that’s good too) check out G.I.Joe Renegades on Netflix.  Some argue it’s better than the original series, if you can get past the Joes on the run concept, you will find characters that grow and change, great nods to classic Joe, and a cartoon that is far superior to most that hit the air these days.

For more info joe characters check out
Yo Joe or 3D Joes for an alternate take on viewing the figures that inspire the shows.


King of the Hill and God: To Mega Church or not to Mega Church?


“Tell-you-what.”,”Uh-huh”, “yeap”,”I miss Lenore…”

King of the Hill is fox’s second longest running animated sitcom. It follows Hank Hill, a proud propane salesman, his family and friends in everyday life. It is very grounded and could have worked as live action show unlike many other fox cartoons. Despite the fact it was created by Mike Judd of Beavis and Butt-head fame, the show features a conservative Methodist family and occasionally focuses on religion. It is fondly remembered and thankfully available on the Netflix Instant Que.

In season 10 episode 11, “Church Hopping” the hills have an episode that heavily focuses on their church attendance. The Hill Family attends a local Methodist church, but a new couple takes over their regular pew and it leads the Hills to go church hunting.

The following summery and commentary do contain spoilers, you’ve been warned.

The Hills tried different seats but were dissatisfied. When they complained to their pastor Rev. Stroupe,  (was introduced in another more controversial religious episode) she  informed them (correctly) that it is God’s house and his seats.  Hank and Peggy could not accept the answer and they began to look for a new Church.  Hank’s boss, Buck Strickland, is a dubious character, in fact the next episode begins with him getting kicked out of a strip club, but he is the first to invite them to a new church. Buck’s church is extremely charismatic and emotional, he chants the name of Jesus, strips and twirls his clothes around.  The Hills, gave another Strickland propane employee’s church a try, and it was a Spanish Catholic church and the Hills humorously never could figure out when to stand, sit or kneel.

The Hill settle in a  Mega Church. The church is so large that  they have a coffee shop, book store, and even a tram inside.  The Hills at first love the large amount of options to be involved, and Peggy quickly climbs the ladder the start helping the Pastor with his phone calls and additional paper work. Hank slowly grows tired of all the invites to different groups and feels he has no free time, and the Pastor starts getting a little tired of Peggy’s steamrolling approach.

Ultimately the Hills return to their small church, but let the new couple now about the Mega Church’s day care options, and half threatened to let the singles in their small Methodist church know about Christian speed dating at the Mega Church unless Rev. Stroupe lets them have their old seat back.  She reluctantly agrees as the new couple had already started attending the Mega Church.

But it had  a tram Hank, A REAL TRAM!

But it had a tram Hank, A REAL TRAM!

The episode has a lot humor, but also  a lot of commentary on the American church life that we should examine.  Starting with the small Methodist Church, it’s clear there are issues. Ignoreing the controversy of female senior pastors, the Hills themselves are the problem in this church. Sadly many are aware of the small church attitude that  certain seats belong to them. in Acts 10:34 Peter said that “I most certainly understand now that God is not one to show partiality.” This attitude drives potential new Christians away from church and is cold and unwelcoming. Jesus didn’t even have a place to lay his head (Luke 9:58), he certainly would not put his own habits over others. There are pros in smaller churches, they often can hold members more accountable, and encourage longer faithfulness as it’s easier to be missed in a smaller church.

The Flaws of the Mega church are fairly accurate. Those churches have wonderful pros, but it must be communicated by the leadership that every member is not expected to go to every activity. The purpose of multiple activities are so that more people can be edified, not so that you can run folks into the ground. While Christ certainly wants us to be alive and active churches, many suggest there is a church size that is too big. I would agree and point to the missionary activity in the book of Acts that plan numerous small churches.  That does not mean churches should not be active and growing, but it does mean that a certain point, it’s time to plant a new church, not expand and add a tram.

It’s also worth saying that God does not support “vain repetition” (Mattew 6:7) nor is he the author of confusion.  The show rightly points out how bizarre a church like that of Buck Stricklands  appears to a lost person, how could they ever be saved? Non-Christian people would be running away at warp speed.  Just as importantly when are they being taught so they can mature in Christ? Buck’s actions in the very next episode (as well as many others) shows he is not maturing in Christ. (Matt 7:16)

Hebrews 10:25 stresses the importance of the act of gathering together and it’s great to see that depicted on TV. As the character Lucky in the episode shows, many who believe in God fail to obey that verse or to see it’s importance. Church is  place of refuge from the stressful work world, a time we can turn to God and give thanks, praise and worship, and learn how to handle the difficult areas of our life when they arise, how to serve our God and  simply about God himself. Where a family goes to church is an important and should be chosen based on personal examination of the Bible. The show concludes that different people should go to different churches, and to some extent this is true, younger folks will feel more comfortable surrounded by other young folks etc. butt the most important aspect is the accuracy of what is taught.

This particular episode gives Christians something to laugh about as well church leadership and those seeking a new church home something to think about. I suggest watching the episode, and the show on Netflix, and if your looking for a church to try, I suggest starting here.

New Born Whovian Nerd!

My wife very recently gave birth to my son. I wanted to share some pics that of some of the gifts that my church  gave us.

This of course also explains my lack of posts as of late 🙂

latest121312 002

hand knitted Tardis Hat


With episode specific Adapose critters !

1216 around the house 001

A little swaddler blanket, we also have a match burp cloth!

Our child is of course doomed to be a nerd!

Hollywood (and Will Smith) Think vampires are in the bible.

According to Cinema Blend Will Smith is planning on directing n a movie with a biblical based story Titled The Redemption of Cain, apparently the story will somehow involves vampires.

Thanks to the popular, and popular to hate, Twilight movies, vampires are popular at the moment, and vague religious movies such as the book of Eli, the blind side, and directly religious movies like Mel Gibson’s Passion and the Christian movie industry are making plenty of money. So perhaps Hollywood is hoping to combine the two? Perhaps they are continuing a long standing tradition of the supernatural drawing on real world religions?  I’m not sure what they are thinking, but I think it’s worth pointing the complete lack of vampires in the Cain and Able story.

The story of Cain and his brother Able are found in Genesis chapter 4.  They were the first sons of Adam and Eve outside of the garden. Each brought a sacrifice to the Lord, Abel brought what would become the traditional animal sacrifice, and Cain brought fruit.  Cain’s was rejected and rather than take this as a learning process, Cain got jealous. Abel was smart enough to give God animal life, that he had no control over, that was closer to mankind etc. I’ll avoid getting side tracked and the interesting discussion about why Abel made the right choice, the problem here was that Cain could have learned to make that choice too, instead he choice to be jealous and slew his brother. Cain was the first murder in all of history.

Cain is about to take out Abel here, in this image from the Brick Testament.

God quickly addressed Cain but did so in a way to give Cain and opportunity to confess. “Cain where is your brother?” (verse 9)  Cain uttered famous words in response, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

God punished the murderer and the results of his judgement were a curse upon Kain. Strangely there is some debate over this curse, although the bible clearly records what it is (sorry Will Smith, it has nothing to do with vampires.) Some of tried to claim it involved changing the color of Cains, but this doesn’t make sense, (and is a not so subtle way to excuse racism.)  Yes because whatever it was? He and all is family are gone ! The following chapters in Genesis do trace different family lines, but according to Genesis 7, only family makes it out from the flood. Whatever sign Cain had was gone.

Chapter 4:11-12 record the actual curse. “Now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. 12 When you cultivate the ground, it will no longer yield its strength to you; you will be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth.” Cain wasn’t able to settle down anywhere and was always on the move, unproductive with any farming he might attempt. He would be forced to be a scavenger and a collector of wild berries and hunter of game to survive.  The sign, whatever it was, was not part of his curse but there is nothing to suggest he was a vampire.

(All Scripture Quotes from NASB)

(Click here to view The Brick Testament  . The Source of the pic above. There will be a dedicated post soon discussing the site.)

Christianity vs. Science Fiction

Creation Ministries International recently published an article that serves as a warning against Science Fiction for Christians. It makes some wonderful points, but in the end, i couldn’t help but feel it was trying to hammer me over the head with a message that all Science Fiction was straight from the Pitt Hell and i should never again watch anything remotely like, and possibly buy more Ken Ham books to fill the time with. (at least they have a good substitute idea, also I may be exaggerating their stance slightly.)

Many argued Fantasy type tales were all terrible. Still to this day I encounter Christians (normally of the older variety) who don’t like or even approve of the Chronicles of Narnia, despite it containing at least of the most tear jerking, gut wrenching Christian allegories  I’ve ever read (Aslan’s sacrifice, and Eustace being transformed back into a boy.) But Fantasy all involves magic, or talking animals, or other things that don’t exist including events which would violate physics and the laws of nature.. Those comments sound much like what the Creation article tosses at science fiction.

A couple of key things should be remembered when reading/viewing/playing Sci-Fi.

1.It doesn’t claim to be the truth like God’s word does.  Anyone who gets there theology, or world view, form a work of fiction isn’t thinking in terms of reality.

2. Every creator has a bias.

3. Multiple writers are often used in TV shows etc, which mean multiple sources of bias.

4. The Line between Fantasy and Sci-Fi are sometimes blurred (Star Wars is often cited to remind us of this.)

5. There are Christian’s who work with sci-fi to tell a Christian story. (here is one example)

6. Christian writers too have a bias, and occasionally can be legalistic in their approach to entertainment.

7.  You have the liberty to watch it, but don’t become a stumbling block. “But take care that this [a]liberty of yours does not somehow become a stumbling block to the weak.” 1 Corinthians 8:9 NASB

8. Always monitor what your putting into your head, be aware of how it affects you.

Nicolas Cage to star in Left Behind remake?

anyone want to help me with a quick photoshop of Nicolas Cage on the cover?

He is certainly nerd (he loves his involvement in Ghost Rider and Kick @$$) but I have no idea what his theology is. IGN is now reporting that he is in talks to star in a remake of the Left Behind movie that originally starred Kirk Cameron and was based on the popular fictionalized version of Christian end times prophesy.

Check it out for yourself.

I am leery of the remake, but I’ll keep an eye out. At point, Mel Gibson was sought after, but with the controversy around him I’m glade he isn’t up for the role.