New Born Whovian Nerd!

My wife very recently gave birth to my son. I wanted to share some pics that of some of the gifts that my church  gave us.

This of course also explains my lack of posts as of late 🙂

latest121312 002

hand knitted Tardis Hat


With episode specific Adapose critters !

1216 around the house 001

A little swaddler blanket, we also have a match burp cloth!

Our child is of course doomed to be a nerd!


A fun Cartoon and site update.

I apologize for the dead stand still on updates. Over a week ago I lost my mother, who went to be with Lord after a long battle with cancer. I love updating the site and will get back to it as I catch up on life that had to be put on hold for care giving, mourning, and healing.

In the meantime, here is a funny a pic.

Spotlight on Army4one and site information

You may have noticed recent changes to the side bar of the blog, this includes a promimeant link to my dear friends at army4one. Years ago they were founded by a pair of Twin G.I.Joe fans who were Christians. The board grew and many Christians in the G.I.Joe community have taken part in wonderful discussions about our hobby and our faith.

I can honestly say that without Army4one there would be no Nerd4theLord. They are my predecessors, and examples, but also different. I wanted to take the time to encourage anyone who likes message board style communication to go register with them. Even if your not a Joe fan we do branch out and discuss things like Doctor Who, comics, and of course straight up Christian topics with some guys who are almost as nerdy as me.

The prayer support we give one another has been essential, the interaction between different denominations has been enlightening, and the friends I have made are trustworthy and encouraging.

Why not check them out at the board’s index, their home page, or preview some of the current hot topics like, Christianity and Sci-fi (which spun out of a post from me on an N4L review) or check into some old debates on topics like eternal security.


I also want to sneak in a small site update. I have lots planned but admittedly my contribution is low at the moment. I request that all prayer for my mother and family. My Mom is nearing the end of her battle with Cancer, it could be any day, and on the optimistic side, it could be a couple of weeks. In this time, I am not likely to post as much as I want, I ‘m sure you will understand, but I’ll try to toss a few things up here from time to time. It will return to normal.

I continue to learn much about wordpress, image making (still working on some banners) and the interaction of word press and facebook.  Expect to see another article up today or tommorrow, maybe two, but that will have to hold you over possibly until my Mom passes.  I also wish to to finish the good news section ASAP.

Site News

I plan on getting a Facebook page ready this week and I am tinkering with more images. You can also expect a post about my first con experience soon. I appreciate those who look and have helped me out with the logo and feedback. I am learning a lot of important background skills and really enjoying this.

Here is a photo that Chad from army4one added a smirk too.