Free Way to Get Rid of Ads on This Page.

You may not even see Ads on this page, but if you do, I’d like to point a great way to eliminate that problem. Sadly, it’s not me paying money, Nerd 4 the Lord is a great hobby, but I am not planning on paying myself and taking the risk of  seeking advertisers on the page. Even if the site gets that large, I will honestly continue to us Ad blocking software that keeps me from seeing  any of the Ads you may be experiencing.
If you want to eliminate ads on this page, as well as others, Check out Firefox as a browser. then download the most needed Add on for surfing the net, Adblock plus! Once you do, I can’t imagine you could ever imagine living without Adblock again!

Isn’t it cute? Firefox names come from an alternate name for the Red Panda. real fire foxes are becoming an internet fade because of how cute they look.



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